• 5 Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring A Painting Contractor

    How your home looks says a lot about you. You always want to make a good impression. Getting your home painted by a licensed painter is a good way to achieve this. It can do much more than just improve curb appeal. A good-looking home can also improve its value. It will also help protect it from the elements.

    There are many reasons to get paint your home at the right time. You should hire the right painting contractor for the job. You must ask a set of questions before you select the right service.

    What Are The Best Questions To Ask?

    Here is a list of the best questions you must ask the painting company.

     1. Do you have Insurance?

    1. Ask them if they have Insurance?
    2. They should have both business liability & worker's compensation insurance.
    3. They should at least a couple of hundreds of dollars in liability coverage.


    2. Will your staff or subcontractors work for us?

    Ask them if their workers are staff members or subcontractors.

    • There are pros & cons to hire company which has its own staff versus the painting company that does work through subcontractor.
    • Staff members are less likely to cut corners. They will have insurance cover.
    • The contractor will know the people on their payroll, which means greater safety.


    3. What type of materials do you use?

    • The quality of paint materials will affect your home’s looks.
    • It will also affect how long the paintwork will last.
    • Ask them about the coatings they will be using.


    4. Do you train your staff

    Ask the contractor if their staff receives training.

    • Regular training helps reduce mistakes and mishaps.
    • It helps deliver quality results in their work.
    • It also means that your home will be painted in time.
    • Also check if they receive safety training.


    5. Do you offer any warranty?

    You must also ask about a warranty.

    • A warranty of 1 to 3 years is more common.
    • Avoid contractors that offer 10 to 20 years’ cover. It is an unrealistic figure.
    • They must cover both material and labor.

    You must also look for any exclusions on the warranty.

    So, make sure to ask these key questions when you choose a painting contractor. If you need more information and help please contact Paint Bulls Painters at 678-599-2850 or write to us at customerservice@paintbulls.com