• What Are The 5 Most Peaceful Colors For Homes & Offices?

    Colors play a very important role in our everyday life, it is best to choose those which are warm and relaxing to the mind, and appealing to eyes.

    Paint Bulls Painters are experts in using premium paints for their interior and exterior painting services. Our painters care about your investment in painting, so they never compromise on the quality of the paints. The paint’s quality ensures that the house looks beautiful for a longer time by holding up against wear and abrasion.

    Painting Colors: Protection and Beautification

    Paint guards the walls against molds, dust, and damps. Also, it beautifies and modernizes the interior/exterior of your homes.  A coat of paint can hide all the imperfections on the walls like dings, dents, and marks. More importantly, calm paint colors boost the mood by making the home look clean and refreshed. It makes you feel comfortable and provides relaxing effects. If your home does not have the color of your choice then you cannot truly feel relaxed. Therefore, it should be your top priority to have the desired color painted on the walls.

    5 Most Peaceful Colors by Sherwin Williams

    Paint color can make you feel differently. From calm colors like blues and greens to comfortable neutral hues, you can choose any shade that helps you feel relaxed at home. The Sherwin Williams Company understands the role colors play in a person’s life and have come up with sets of tones you can choose from to make your space tranquil. No place is as peaceful as your home to relax, reflect, reconnect, and recharge. Think about the color that brings peace to you and choose that for your interior setting. To solve your problem of choosing the best calming colors for your house, Paint Bulls suggests you five most peaceful Sherwin Williams Painting Colors.
    Let’s take a look at the colors.

  • Thoughtful Calm: Charcoal Blue

    Embellishing a place involves a lot more than fancy furniture and artwork. The paint you choose for the walls is as important as anything else. From the set, Thoughtful Calm, Paint Bulls suggest you go with Charcoal Blue. This would be the best choice for your bedroom. The shades of blue never fail to brighten your surroundings. More than that, they are as serene and peaceful as gazing at the sky during the evening. Besides, Charcoal grey is a nice option for accent walls with the contrast of white on the ceilings.

    Thoughtful Calm: Daphne

    Daphne is another calming color from the set Thoughtful Calm. It is a color that has the touch of both steel blue and pale blue. Blues, naturally, tends to create a perfect environment for reading, writing, or relaxing. Daphne, specifically, is considered to evoke clarity and purity. This color is perfect for the study or living room in your home. It can be contrasted with low saturated colors like pastels. The color Daphne has its roots in Greek Mythology. It is associated with Naiads presiding over fountains, streams, wells, springs, and brooks. The rooms drenched in this color will make you feel as if you are in a fairy tale.

    Serene Simplicity: Sea Salt

    Sea Salt is a combination of two colors. It is light gray tinged with light green making it a neutral hue. This shade is taken from the set Serene Simplicity. It is light, simple, and soft yet so refreshing and calming. The shade is cozy and can serve as the best stress reliever. No doubt, the coziness of this color cannot be compared. At the same time, it gives your home the liveliness you require. This color will help create the balance and harmony you want in your home, and in your life too. You can choose it for your bedroom, bathroom, and even lounge. This shade can also be paired with darker colors for more pleasing and satisfying combinations.

    Zen Relaxation: Balanced Beige

    Tan and beige never go out of fashion. A house is incomplete without the touch of beige somewhere. Balanced Beige from the set Zen Relaxation, is an atypical color that does not have the touch of gold tones like other beige shades. As the name suggests itself, the color has the characteristics of being cool and warm. This color tends to energize you while creating a peaceful, calming, and relaxing atmosphere. Balanced beige is the epitome of simplicity and comfort. The most important feature of this shade is, it can be paired with any color to add to the appeal and relaxing effect. You can even choose to get similar paint all over the wall and ceilings without any contrast. The room painted with balanced beige can be the most inviting and relaxing area in your house.

    Easy Living: Aesthetic White

    Aesthetic White is the most trending color due to its inclusive nature and calming effect. It does not give a crisp vibe which makes it a warm shade. This shade is the perfect option for painting full rooms. It can be contrasted with neural as well as darker shades. The gracefulness and softness are excellent for dining and living rooms. With the right coordinating colors and architectural elements, aesthetic white can instantly bring you in a relaxed state. You can add scented candles, indoor plants, and flowers to make the space more tranquil for meditation, nap, or just spending time with yourself.

    These colors are best offered at the Sherwin Williams Company. They are peaceful, calming, and relaxing. In case, you are still confused with the colors, give Paint Bulls Painters of Duluth a call today. Our professional consultants will guide you in the best possible way. Reach out today for a Free Estimate.