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    Paint Bulls Painters is a premier painting company in Buford GA that offers interior and exterior painting services for homes and offices, cabinet painting and refinishing, and deck staining. Our painters travel around the metro-Atlanta area to service our customers quickly.

    At Paint Bulls, our crew is dedicated to provide the best quality service to our customers and showcase our expertise in all paint projects no matter how small or how big it is. We commit to the best quality and on-time completion of the job to achieve 100% customer satisfaction along with the trust of our customers for any future projects. Along with exterior and interior painters, Paint Bulls also consist of a team of finest cabinet painter in Buford, GA.  

    Exterior and Interior Painter of Buford: 

    Paint Bulls offer outdoor and indoor paint services in both residential and commercial areas. With an experience of over 20 years, our paint crew knows how to efficiently paint different surfaces like brick, wood, garage doors, etc. 

    When it comes to the punctilious interior painter of Buford, Paint Bulls guarantees an impeccable finish for your house. We offer color consultation to help you choose whether you should choose matte, satin, or gloss and color demonstration to assist you in selecting the perfect color for your beautiful house.  

    Professional Cabinet Painter of Buford:

    Cabinets are one of the most frequently touched surfaces in any house and that’s why it is common for the cabinets to require a repainting or refinishing job after a couple of years or even months in some cases. Paint Bulls offer an experienced cabinet painter team in Buford who will work with you to understand your daily home routine and paint the cabinets accordingly to help reduce the amount of paint wearing away over time. 

  • FAQs about Buford area Painters- Paint Bulls

    Why should I repaint my interior after 5 years?

    Interior paint job needs a retouch after 5 to 7 years on average; however, the quality of the job determines how many touch-ups the interior needs to look like new again. At Paint Bulls, we use premium quality paint and our routine from the start to the end of the paint job is very precise and detail-oriented, which lowers your cost when you need a retouch after 5 years.

    Will you help me in choosing a paint color?

    Yes! We provide FREE color consultation to our customers so they can choose the color scheme that stands out to them and represents their unique house. 

    Are you cheaper than other painters in Buford?

    The word “cheaper” won’t correctly distinguish us from our competitor painters in Buford. We offer “affordable” prices for an expert quality paint job which will lower your cost by requiring less maintenance and touch-up jobs throughout the years. 

    What should I do before your crew arrives to paint?

    Our paint crew asks for a minimum to almost no preparation from the customer’s end because we protect by covering up and putting aside all furniture and belongings before painting. Our paint crew also cleans up and puts everything back into their original place after the job is done so no efforts are required from the customer’s end. 

    How will the weather affect the exterior paint?

    Weather can have a huge impact on your exterior and the type of paint used for your exterior can play an important role in protecting the walls. At Paint Bulls, our painters make sure they use the appropriate type of paint that best suits the atmosphere in your area, for example, if it’s mostly rainy, sunny or humid, etc. 



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