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    At Paint Bulls Painters, we offer Exterior Painting to make sure your home looks the best in the neighborhood.  Exterior Home Painting is like a book cover. Nobody accepts it, but they do judge the book by its cover. Dingy and flaky exterior paint gives an illusion of a shabby dwelling and makes people feel unwelcome.

    Our exterior painters are available to service clients around Alpharetta, Buford GA, Duluth GA, Cumming GA, Johns Creek GA, Dunwoody GA, Peachtree Corners GA, Suwanee GA, Snellville GA, and Sugar Hill GA. Our location makes it easy to travel around Atlanta to offer exterior painting services to our clients.

    House exteriors are exposed to extreme weather and harsh UV rays. It is very natural for the paint to wear off in a few years. Just like how your hair needs a trim regularly, the exterior home painting needs a touch-up too. On average, good quality paint can last up to 7 years. But professionals recommend that exterior home painting and maintenance should be done every couple of years and repainting, every 5 years. Good exterior house painting services carry out these processes really well, which makes the maintenance job much easier. 

    Now, you might think, you can wear your big guy pants and DIY the paint job instead of contacting your local painting contractors. Kudos for that idea. But we strongly believe that some things should be handled only by professionals. And exterior home painting is definitely one of those! First of all, exterior home painting can be dangerous. In addition to that, there are other repairing tasks that need to be dealt with. Lastly, do you even want to buy so many supplies only to dump it in the storeroom later? This is why you need reliable and efficient exterior house painting services, aka, Paint Bulls! 

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    How to choose exterior paint color?

    Exterior home painting needs a commitment for at least 5 years and you should be absolutely sure about the color! We understand that selecting a color for your exteriors can be overwhelming! That is why we have a professional team that provides consultation so you do not have to regret any decision in the future. While deciding the colors, certain factors influence our decisions like –

    -       Environment: A good exterior color should infuse well with its surrounding. If you have a lot of shade, consider using light colors. Whereas, if you want to blend with nature, you can opt for darker paints. Your exterior should always try to complement its surroundings.

    -       Architectural Details: Exterior paints should accentuate the architectural features of a house. Every design style needs a unique approach. If you have a Victorian or traditional style, you would want to highlight the peaks with nice accent colors. While contemporary houses look good with muted tones. 

    -       Existing House Colors: Certain colors of the house doesn’t change like, roof, driveway, mulch, etc. Therefore, the new color paint should adjunct these features well. 

    Exterior House Painting Services 

    Exterior painting involves expertise and a great amount of effort. You should consider getting in touch with your local painting contractors to make sure every aspect is taken care of. At Paintbulls we follow a rigorous routine to get stunning results.

    • Washing the Surface

    Before starting any paint job, we clean the surface well. For exterior walls, pressure washing is done to ensure all the dirt and grime is removed. The best way is to start at the top so all the dust washes down from the siding and trim.

    • Scrape off the Loose Paint

    Due to weathering, exterior paint starts blistering and wearing off. It is important to scrape off all the peeled paint patches to get a flawless finish. Always keep drop cloths and plastics below the wall so the waste doesn’t ruin your lush garden.

    • Sanding 

    Smooth surfaces are perfect for the paints to adhere to. Our crew members always sand the walls and prepare a smooth base before starting to paint. 

    • Patching Areas

    Pollution and extreme weather causes wear and tear on the exterior. Before starting to paint, we repair all the faulty areas so you do not have to spend a time in maintenance.

    • Prime 

    Every house is exposed to different conditions, hence it always recommended to take advice from a local painting contractor about how many coatings are needed. Our expert team of painters address all these details. 

    • Caulk the Cracks

    Before starting the painting process, we seal all the cracks and corners to avoid any moisture seepage through the walls. 

    • Finally, Paint!

    Once the surface is prepared up to the mark, we paint the exteriors of the house with your favorite paint color. We always use high-quality paints to get a perfect luster and long-lasting effect. 

    At Paint Bulls, we believe in providing excellent services and skilled workmanship so you can fall in love with your home even more! Our comprehensive work profile and competent rates in exterior painting services make us one of the best in the industry! 

    Let the ‘Paint Bulls’ handle all your paint jobs! 

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