• Paint Bulls Painting Company in Lawrenceville GA for all your home and office painting needs!

    A coordinated color scheme enhances the look of a house and brings life to the interior. At Paint Bulls it is not just about getting the work done, we focus on the details and giving your project a unique look that suits your style. We are licensed interior and exterior painters in Lawrenceville, GA offering services at an affordable price to bring you the best experience and satisfaction.

  • Creative Interior Painter in Lawrenceville, GA:

    When it comes to your house’s interior, a good paint job can do wonders! We are a professional interior painter in Lawrenceville, GA with over 20 years of experience. We aim to give your house an impeccable finish with high-quality paint, so you can trust us and remember us as the expert interior painters in Lawrenceville, GA. We follow certain steps before painting to ensure the safety of furniture, windows, and other indoor items in your house. Firstly, we consult you in picking the color that best fits your desires. Then we cover all furniture with plastic sheets to avoid any damage to your belongings. Now for the last step before the actual paint is put on the walls, our professional painters fill all cracks and scuff sand any uneven surface to provide a meticulous paint job. Finally, high-quality paint is put on the walls after the primer to give a perfect touch to the interior of the house. The job is not done here, our employees place all your belongings back to their original spot while the supervisor gives you a walk-through inspection to ensure customer satisfaction. To be the best painting company in Lawrenceville, GA we assure customer satisfaction by having a supervisor on-site at all times while our painters make your house shine like new!


    Skilled Exterior Painters in Lawrenceville, GA:  

    Paint Bulls’s team of dependable exterior painters in Lawrenceville, GA make sure all your requirements are fulfilled and you are left satisfied with the result. Our consultants consider all atmospheric factors before choosing the correct type of paint for your house’s outdoor. Our goal is to be the most reliable painting company in Lawrenceville, GA whom you can contact without any hesitation anytime!



    Do you charge for color scheme consultation?

    Nope! There is absolutely no fee for color consultation from our experts. We make sure that our customer is satisfied with the color scheme before we start on their paint project. 


    Do I need to make any arrangements before the painters arrive?

    At Paint Bulls, we understand how vital personal belongings are for the customer and therefore we ensure all belongings are covered or kept away safely before the painters start their work and are put back into place with care after the job is completed. 


    Can I leave while the paint crew is working at my house?

    We are one of the most trusted painting company in Lawrenceville, GA and you can depend on us to bring a new look to your house while you are away.


    Has Paint Bulls adopted new ways of working after COVID?

    Absolutely! The safety of our customer and employee is our topmost priority and we make sure all CDC guidelines are being followed accordingly on site.


    Why should I choose professional painters?

    Professional and experienced painters know how to get the job done correctly with the right tools and paint type that suits your house.