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    Kitchen is the most abused part of the house. White kitchen cabinets start looking dull and drab just after a few years of regular use. Which calls for an upgrade! Replacing kitchen cabinets can be an extensive and expensive process. That is why you need professional kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing.

    What is cabinet refinishing and painting, you may ask? Cabinet refinishing is a quick and simple process that will give a fresh and fabulous look to your kitchen. Let’s just say we use your existing kitchen cabinets, give it a magic paint treatment and voila! your beautiful kitchen is ready. 

    When it comes to refinishing the kitchen cabinets, you have two options; painting or staining. With painting, you get a ton of color options and styles. Whereas staining the wood cabinets focuses on sprucing up the existing cabinets to get a dramatic effect.

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    A Bit More About Cabinet Refinishing Duluth GA

    White cabinet kitchens took over the design industry a few years back. But recently, people have started experimenting and incorporating more colors in their kitchen. However, white is still the most preferred cabinet color. Around 43% of homeowners opt for white cabinet kitchens, 25% go for natural stain and wood, and 11% of people prefer grey kitchens. So, if you decide to refinish the cabinets in a distinctive and daring color, it can make your kitchen stand-out instantly! 

    Another latest trend in kitchen cabinets is the excessive use of distressed woodwork and stains that give vintage vibes but with a clean look. If you are a new tenant saddled with old kitchens designed by the homeowner, you can apply a faux finish to the kitchen cabinets, also known as, French Country look. It is an easy and effective way to refurbish the old kitchen cabinets without having to spend a fortune.

    Cabinet refinishing costs a fraction of the price that you might have to pay to replace your entire kitchen! Since you are reusing the cabinets, you will utilize fewer resources and save more money. Painting will last you almost as long as the new cabinets. Hence, it is a greener and more economical alternative that will make your kitchen look stunning. 

    At Paint Bulls, we provide professional kitchen cabinet painting service that includes color consultation and refinishing techniques that will suit your kitchen the best. Our expert team of professional painters ensures that cabinet refinishing complements the counter top, back splash, floor, and appliances so that your kitchen looks perfect from head to toe. 

     Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services offered by Paintbulls 

    • Convert hardwood finish cabinets to custom painted finish
    • Change the color of white kitchen cabinets to solid colors 
    • Light antique glaze or lacquering of existing wood cabinets
    • Give a ‘Distressed’, “Crackle”, “Old World” glazing finish 
    • Hand painting or spray-painting options

    Our cabinet refinishing services are not just limited to the kitchen. You can get various other woodwork jobs executed, like –


    - Refurbishing entertainment units; either paint, stain or faux finish 

    - Wooden handrails and spindles in staircase

    - Custom antique stains to a dining table or other wooden furniture pieces

    - Doors and Thresholds

    Cabinet Refinishing Process

    1. Degreasers are used to thoroughly clean the cabinets and remove all the dirt.
    2. Orbital sanders scrub both sides of the doors to get a smooth surface.
    3. Next, we spray primers on doors to seal them.
    4. Again, the doors are sanded to prep the surface.
    5. Premium high-quality paints are used as the first coat.
    6. Once the surface is dried, we spray the final coat depending on the finish you want.
    7. Finally your new kitchen is ready to rock!

    Yes, cabinet refinishing is super easy and simple. If you hire professional kitchen cabinet painting services like Paint Bulls, the whole process takes 3-7 days. The most effective home remodeling improvement is painting. It is versatile and compensates every look that you want to achieve, be it ‘Old World’ or Classy black lacquered finish. You dream about it, and we execute it! Paint Bulls has a team of professional painters and woodworkers who are skilled in translating your requirements to reality. Our competitive rates and work proficiency make us unbeatable in the industry. 

    Are you willing to give your kitchen a gorgeous makeover? We will transform your kitchen into a ravishing cooking space that will make your guests drool! 

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