• Popcorn Ceiling Removal

  • The textured ceiling has become out-dated now and does not look pleasing to the modern decorator's eye.

    Textured ceilings were once in fashion. One could easily find Skip Trowel, Knockdown, Orange Peel, or Popcorn Ceilings in the houses in the years after the 1950s. In most parts of the world, it was a standard for bedroom or hallway ceilings. Not only this, but commercial buildings were also finished with popcorn ceilings. Textured ceilings, specifically popcorn ceilings were used not only to enhance the beauty cost-effectively but to serve other purposes as well. It was used to cover plenty of flaws in the ceilings. Also, the raised bumps served to absorb sound and noise; it is a great way of soundproofing rooms.

    But as time passed, the installation of textured ceilings was considered outdated as people became more inclined towards smooth ceilings as they give a fine look to the viewer as well as blend seamlessly into the walls. No doubt popcorn ceilings are easy to install and do not require much of the expertise of the painter but they are prone to dust, oil, and grease and destroy the whole impression of the room by making the room dirty.

    ◆               Why remove Popcorn Ceilings?

    Not just because they have become outdated but as the removal of popcorn ceilings also adds to the value of the home. Your home is much more valuable in the market today if textured ceilings are removed. Besides, the removal of textured ceilings also removes the threats of Asbestos which is harmful to health, creates better lighting, stops discoloration, and helps create a beautiful aura indoor. The damaged Popcorn Ceilings are an even greater matter of concern especially when it comes to asbestos hence they need to be removed immediately.

    ◆               Best Popcorn Removal Service in Duluth GA

    If you are in Duluth, and in search of providers to remove your textured ceiling that looks nowhere else, contact Paint Bulls, a professional painting company that is expert with all your interior and exterior painting needs. The company has experience of over 20 years in the field of painting and you will not find anyone else this experienced in the town.

    ◆               What makes Paint Bulls Painters the best in Duluth GA?

    The removal of textured ceilings is time-consuming, costly, and above all a messy procedure. Many people prefer to do it themselves but one thing that is to be kept in mind is this is not an easy task. It is a hassle in itself. Moreover, when you do not know how to do it right, it becomes a huge problem. In case of a damaged popcorn ceiling, one needs to get professional assistance to help in removing it. Also its removal leaves fine white dust all over the place polluting the air, and if things are not covered properly then the dust sticks to them- even difficult to wipe away. Duluth Painting company will take care of everything. Removal starts with prep-work and we at Paint Bulls take it pretty seriously. Our experienced team members make sure that during the whole process none of the things are damaged.

    Our team is trained to protect your furniture and other belongings so we make sure to cover all the things before starting the removal process resulting in minimal home disruption. To maintain the trust of the new and old customers, Paint Bulls assure quality services complementing the expectations of people. With affordable and on-time services, our dedicated staff is here to provide you with consultations regarding the removals of textured ceilings. As it is quite obvious that ceilings require to paint again after the removal otherwise it is going to look untidy, Duluth's professional painting company is also going to provide you with a flawless and smooth ceiling painted in the shade of your choice. This is going to enhance the overall beauty of your house. Our painters will take care of repairs, give your ceiling all the treatment it requires, fill up the scratches, blotches, and cracks, if any, to give a perfect paint finish after the removal of textured ceilings.

    If you are just fed up with your old-fashioned popcorn ceilings and want to bring some change to your living room, kitchen or bedroom; or you simply want to get rid of your damaged popcorn ceiling then wait no more to discuss your plan with us. We assure you to provide you with the best textured ceiling removal services in Duluth. You won't regret taking Paint Bull's services!

  • Should You Buy A House With Popcorn Ceiling

    Deciding whether or not to buy a house with popcorn ceilings will depend largely on the conditions of your local housing market, and your own comfort level either living with popcorn ceilings or using one of the methods mentioned below to get rid of them.