• Siding Repair/ Pressure Washing


    With a stunning house comes unformidable responsibilities. Maintaining the curb appeal of your exterior is one of them. But when you have professional house washing services by Paintbulls you don’t need to spend single second worrying. From pressure washing to siding repair and exterior painting, we provide a full-fledged finish that will make you fall in love with your house even more!

    What is pressure washing?

    Oil stains, dirt, molds, and mildew make the exterior look shabby. Pressure washing is the process of cleaning decks, sidewalks, concrete porches, retaining walls, patios, driveways, and pathways to remove dirt, thus making it shine like brand new. Also, cleaning the exterior increases safety by removing slippery algae formed due to moisture especially in the swimming pool decks. 

    Very similar to pressure washing is power washing. At Paint Bulls, we provide both the house washing services depending on the requirements. The difference between power washing and pressure washing is that power washing is done using hot water whereas normal water is used in pressure washing. Depending on the different types of surfaces, the pressure varies between 1300psi and 2800psi.

    Not every surface requires power wash as it can damage the finish. Our professional tradesmen are skilled in carrying out these services with utmost perfection so you do not have to suffer through any damages. Wood, for example, needs extra attention as the wrong cleaning agent can damage the wood and high pressure of water might splinter its surface. Concrete, on the other hand, is sturdy and needs strong cleaning action to remove the ugly oil spills and grease stains. 

    When it comes to maintenance, another very crucial area that needs cleaning, is the roof! It is exposed to extreme weather conditions involving moisture like rain, sleet, snow, and hail. This might cause staining and discoloration of the roof. It is always advised to power wash the roof with a soft cleaning agent to make it look attractive again. Also, this can be a great time to repair the leaky corners and damaged portions of the roof to make it more functional. 

    How is Pressure Washing Done?

    Our tradesmen are trained to carry out all home cleaning services and they ensure a spick and span surface after the treatment. Pressure washing involves 3 quick steps –

    Step 1: Surface Cleaning

    Firstly, we use a professional surface cleaning machine that spins and shoots the water down from dual-end nozzles. Unlike old fashioned wand, this is safe and splatter-free.

    Step 2: Use Hot water

    Depending on the surface to be cleaned, we use professional pressure washing units with hot water burners that can shoot water up to 200° F. Hot water ensures cleaner and faster service.

    Step 3: Remove Mold from the surface

    We use biodegradable concrete bright mold removers that penetrate deep into the pores and extract the mildew thoroughly. This makes the concrete surface sparkle like it is new and helps keep the driveway cleaner for a longer time. 

     Siding Repair/Replacement

    When it comes to maintenance, another ball in the court is, wall siding! Vinyl sidings have completely taken over of home improvement business. They are beautiful, strong, and long-lasting. That being said, the siding of your wall is exposed to the storm, rail, and what not! These environmental conditions cause scratches and even worse, cracks on the siding surface. 

    Most of the people do not realize that they need a siding replacement. 

    And unfortunately, a damaged siding can cost you a lot! These are some of the indications that you need to keep an eye on –

    1. Siding repair should be done if you see chips, peels, and cracks on the surface. 
    2. A major flux in your energy bills might be due to your inefficient sidings. People do lean on HVAC systems to regulate heating and cooling but a damaged siding can fluctuate the temperature of your house thus increasing the bill. 
    3. Mold, mildew, and fungus thrive in moisture-retaining elements like siding. 

    Siding repair is a fairly simple process. Our experienced team of workers visits your house for an inspection. During the free consultation session, they will tell you if you need siding repairing or replacement. More often than always, these sidings get damaged due to storms. If you do not get the sidings repaired quickly, you might have to make a bigger investment to replace it. 

    Siding replacement takes longer but we ensure a top-notch finish to match your existing sidings. When it comes to siding repairing or siding replacement, we are perfectionists! Our workmen will clean and wash the siding of your house to make it look fresh. We avoid pressure washing the siding as it may destruct the elements. 

    When it comes to house cleaning services, Paint Bulls provide an unmatched and unbeatable experience! We believe in giving a new life to houses. Our competitive prices and top-quality work will blow your mind! 

    Give Paint Bulls a chance to uplift your dream abode!

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